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Veronica's Bowtique. Creator of Sillies, the world's best non-slip, adjustable headband!

12 Aug '14

Ugh! I hate pre-wrap!

Posted by Sheila Goettner in Pre-wrap, Sillies

I have to say that it’s one of the main reasons why I went on my journey to create the world’s best, non-headache causing, truly non-slip, adjustable headband. Pre-wrap! It looks like the stuff on top of dry cleaning hangers. And, wide headbands are not much better. If I see one more amazing lacrosse picture of a girl in pure action with a headband falling off her head, I think I might scream. Now, I hear girls are cutting up little girl tights and putting them on their head.


Come on ladies! We deserve better than medical wrap, used stockings, and headbands that look like socks that don’t stay on.


And so, my journey began to create a great headband that would hold back the little baby bangs that got in my daughters face as she played lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer. I started with a braided ribbon that I had been gluing onto hard headbands. I hot glued a ribbon to the back to keep it from stretching, added a little silicone to keep from slipping, and found the right sizes for a variety of heads.


I had sold a bunch to a softball team and they went like wildfire. But I ended up getting a few calls that they were falling apart when the girls were sweating. Something wasn’t right. I researched glue and hot glue is NOT waterproof. First problem solved when I found a waterproof washable/dry cleanable sewing glue. Then, I found a way to make adjustable headbands for babies and combined that idea with a bra strap-like hardware. Problem number two solved! Next, I found a silicone that only took 3 hours to dry, did not have obnoxious fumes, was waterproof, and could take extreme hot and cold weather changes.


Sillies was born! We don’t have to pay $15-$20 for a headband with swoosh on it anymore.  


I was able to create a reasonably priced product with the majority of my supplies made in the USA. The palette ribbon is even made in Quakertown, PA. The silicone, glue, elastic are all made in the USA. I’m still in search of some of the neon ribbon made in the USA, but I know I will find it.


I love to give back to the communities I work in. We know all too well how much it costs to outfit kids with gear, pay for league fees, tournament fees, and maintenance of fields. Veronica’s Bowtique supports sports teams by providing fundraisers. If you’re looking for a fundraiser to offset the fees for your child, their team, or a community league please contact us at VeronicasBowtique@gmail.com to see how we can help you raise money. We’ve already helped Upper Moreland Girls Lacrosse, Be Your Best Lacrosse Camp, Wissahickon Lacrosse, Horsham Soccer Club, Horsham Heat softball team, and Montgomery United Soccer Club, to name a few. We’d love to help you too.