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Veronica's Bowtique. Creator of Sillies, the world's best non-slip, adjustable headband!

About Veronica's Bowtique

I'm a mother of two very active kids: a teenage boy and a little girl.  I work full-time in software solutions. I wanted my daughter to wear pretty bows, but I was paying a lot for small bows that just were not made well and fell apart after only one use. So, I set out to learn how to make beautiful, robust hair bows on my own. With my own success, and realizing that other mothers had the same problem, I created Veronica's Bowtique in 2010.  We're located in southeastern Pennsylvania in a town considered one of the best places to live in USA, Horsham, PA. As we've grown, we now supply bows and headbands throughout the greater Montgomery county area.
I started making Sillies because every headband I wore gave me a headache and dug into my skull. I also saw the other athletes on my kids' teams with headbands that looked like cut-up socks that were about to fall off or something you find on your hanger from the dry cleaner. A year later I created, what I tout to be, The World's Greatest Non-Slip, Adjustable Headband. Adjustable headbands, with no plastic or metal frames, that grip hair gently to prevent slipping.
As a homegrown business, we support other local businesses and products. Most of the ribbons that make up Sillies are made in Quakertown, PA. The elastic, silicone, and specialty glue in our ribbons and bows and all made in the USA. The rest of our supplies are locally made wherever possible.
Veronica's hair bows are all hand sewn, not glued or tied together like many others out there. All ribbon ends are heat-sealed, not just the ends that you can see, because I don't want your bows to fray. 
My alligator clips are all partially lined (because a full lining can mess up the hair-do when you put them in) and have anti-slip grips. I also offer French clips in 2 different sizes. In addition, I offer a special hair clip for super fine and baby hair. (See the pictures of my great niece Alanna on FaceBook!) These clips stick on any baby's head, no matter how thin. Bows can be custom made with your choice of clip for whatever your hair type!
My prices are based on a couple of things: cost of the ribbon (character and specialty ribbon may be more), design and amount of ribbon used, center pieces used, and time it takes to make them. I can make anything special that you would like or match a special outfit. Send us a picture, and we can make a complimentary bow. Ask about my team and cheer bows!


Contact us at GirlPowerCS@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook to see where we will be next.  https://www.facebook.com/GirlPowerSportsGear  Please take the time to LIKE us!