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Veronica's Bowtique. Creator of Sillies, the world's best non-slip, adjustable headband!

Halo Headbands - Be Your Best Lacrosse

Halo Headbands - Be Your Best Lacrosse


Halo Headbands are all the rage!  We've been selling them at tournaments for over a year and decided it was time that we sold them online.  

Custom Be Your Best Lacrosse Halo in the tie-back version.


  • Ties securely in the back (tieback version)
  • Patented SweatBlock Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face!
  • Dryline® fabric absorbs sweat, wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Will not lose shape, form or stretch out
  • Stays in place during any activity
  • One size fits both men and women
  • Works great under helmets
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in USA