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Veronica's Bowtique. Creator of Sillies, the world's best non-slip, adjustable headband!

Hatboro-Horsham Headband

Hatboro-Horsham Headband


Forget those $15 headbands that say "One Size Fits All".  This headband really does fit all because it's adjustable!    
  • One side has Hatboro-Horsham logo and the other side is velvet to keep in place while running on the court, down the field, or to the next base.
  • Keeps those whispy hairs off your face.
  • The adjustable strap will fit anyone from child age 3 to adult.  
  • Machine washable.  Place in lingerie bag and wash on delicate.  Must be hung to dry.  No machine drying!
  • Show your Hatters' Pride!
  • 7/8" width