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Veronica's Bowtique. Creator of Sillies, the world's best non-slip, adjustable headband!

Skinny Sillies Headband VBIV-Naturals

Skinny Sillies Headband VBIV-Naturals

NEW!!  Same great look as the original Sillies 2, but thinner.  The original Sillies II measures approximately 7/8".  Skinny Sillies measures approximately 5/8".  Adjustable, non-slip just like the original.

  • This headband is great for little girls who are constantly taking their headbands on and off (usually due to the pinching of hard headbands).  An alligator clip can be attached to it by taking a prong and slipping it through the middle ribbon.
  • Keeps those whispy hairs off your face.
  • Silicone will hold to hair but will not pull hair out.  This headband will STAY ON!  No, really!  It won't flip off while you're just about to save that goal.  It won't slowly slide up as you're running down the field, stick in hand!
  • Sillies 2 contains double the ribbon of Sillies and is a little thicker.
  • The adjustable strap will fits child age 3 to adult.  
  • Machine washable.  Place in lingerie bag and wash on delicate.  Must be hung to dry.  No machine drying!
  • Comes in endless color combinations.